SYANA 2014 Camp Dates June 29 – July 5, 2014

At the heart of SYANA is our week-long Sikh Gurmat camp. This yearly event aims at bringing together Sikh youth from across North America to an environment where the Sikh way of life can be experienced. Immersed in the inspiring traditions of the Sikh faith, these youth capture a glimpse of the Guru’s message in the hopes of encouraging a love for the Sikh path. The camp is structured to encourage relationships that strengthen a spiritual experience through Sangat. In spending a week together, these youth create friendships that last a lifetime. Through the use of history, Keertan, special lectures, and daily Divaans, young Sikhs are exposed to the various facets of the Sikh faith. Daily sports activities, campfires, and arts and crafts all also provide an opportunity for Sikhs to interact with each other in a fun setting. By no means does this Gurmat camp substitute for teaching and exposure to Sikh principles at home but the hope is that each child becomes moved by the Guru’s word that it inspires a desire for life-long learning and practice.